Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan - Visakhapatnam

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Whom We Serve

Children who are brought from the streets and who are unwilling to go back to their families fearing starvation, violence, abuse, etc., are retained in one of the Shelters at Allipuram or Devipuram. After systematic counselling and motivation they are sent to school and placed in various classes according to age, preparation, intelligence etc. At present Navajeevan has 40 children at Allipuram Shelter and 98 children at Devipuram Shelter. Most of the children who dreaded school in the past are doing well in their studies to the extent to some of them even becoming toppers in the class. Youngsters who find regular schooling distasteful are given vocational training according to their aptitude and job placed in industrial and business settings.
Many factors lead to children becoming school dropouts. Some of the main reasons are lack of parental follow up, poor school ambient, lack of personal attention, poor nutrition, etc. Navajeevan conducts a bridge-school for such children and places them back in good schools at the end of one year. During this time they are given personal attention and counselling, good nutrition, and learning is imparted in attractive methods and child friendly ways. Children who run away from other schools are regular and happy to come to Navajeevan Bridge School called „Beach Blossoms‟. Each year Navajeevan mainstreams 50-60 such children. So far we have put back 480 children in regular schools and the success rate is 85%.
With the intention of empowering the young who cannot complete High School or Intermediate education Navajeevan runs a Skill Training Centre where hundreds of youth are given three-month training in Tailoring, Embroidery, Beautician, and Computer education. Navajeevan so far has trained 1980 youngsters who are now either self-employed or working in various companies and offices earning a respectable income. Once the construction of the Skill Training Centre at Devipuram or Sabbavaram is completed a few more trades like, Electronics, AC Mechanic, Dress making, etc., will be added.