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Bosco Rays, "SUMMER CAMP 2014"

Posted On : 29-04-2014


Friday 25th April was an exciting day at Don Bosco family in Visakhapatnam for we officially inaugurated the summer camp 2014, which is ninth in the line.  

As the Schools wind up for Summer vacation Navajeevan wants its members to be exposed to and   initiated into a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Father Thomas Thottiyil, the Director, while declaring the camp opened encouraged the participants to make the camp experience a growth in physical, intellectual and spiritual areas. For weeks the fathers, brothers, staff and volunteers were planning and preparing enthusiastically to make the program filled with fun, action and family atmosphere. Following the Preventive System of Don Bosco we want the children to learn and grow in an atmosphere of happiness, freedom and security.

 The camp consists of 101 children in an age group of 7-17. We commenced the Camp with the lighting of the Camp Torch, Taking the Oath and Singing of the Navajeevan Anthem.  This was followed by a Cricket Match under the unsympathetic Sun. When it is Cricket neither the Sun nor the rain can take away the enthusiasm of the children. In the evening a party game which stressed the three principles of AWAKE, ALIVE AND ACTIVE was played. This will continue to the spirit of the Camp throughout.

Father Ratna Kumar compared the children with rays of the sun and said: “As it is not possible to block the rays of the sun, it is also impossible to block the Bosco Boys’ thrust for growth.”  At the end of the Camp after three weeks children will have darker skin butt glowing heart and soul.