Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan - Visakhapatnam

Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan - Visakhapatnam


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Posted On : 27-06-2014

Raghavendra Singh is a truck driver from UP. Driving in front of Navajeevan, he noticed the name board ‘Don Bosco Navajeevan, a Home for the street and orphan children. He halted the Truck, came inside and said, I would like to make a small contribution to your children and donated Rs.1500/-. Noticing that he was not a rich man, I told him ‘It may be too much for you, I will take 500 rupees and the rest you keep.’ But he insisted that I take the full amount with the words, if I wait to become rich to give, I will never give. I find joy in sharing the little I have with those who have less than I.

Raghavendra Singh is not millionaire, but owns a billion Dollar Heart. Usually it is the poor who give, because they know what it means NOT  TO HAVE.