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Friends of Navajeevan Day

Posted On : 15-02-2015

Friends of Navajeevan Day

When celebrating an event, there is no use of celebrating it just on your own. No, you want to invite your friends and family to celebrate and enjoy the day with friends around. As a way of celebrating decades of relationship between Don Bosco Navajeevan Visakhapatnam and the Friends of Navajeevan while also marking the Don Bosco’s feast falling on January 31, a cultural event was held on the day, under the banner “Friends of Navajeevan Day”. ‘A Homage to Don Bosco’ which revealed Don Bosco’s life as a great educator and passionate lover of young people. Students marvelously presented his love and commitment towards the young people, making them to be the centre of his love and affection. A big surprise was when the chief guest was introduced: John Don Bosco himself, represented by the children, because it was always the children who were in the first rank for him.

East or West Don Bosco Navajeevan is the best. As many of them came to celebrate this feast, guests were heartily welcomed. The friends were entertained by a great program stuffed with a lot of creativity and variety and children as the center of the celebration. The curtain opened with a prayer and welcome dance. Fr. Thomas Thottiyil, the director Navajeevan welcomed the guests and invitees and the students felicitated them with Navajeevan badge and a bouquet of flowers.

Audience have seen the Navajeevan stars on the stage with fire ignited. Don Bosco Navajeevan Vizag, has always been known for its sophisticated dance steps, creative and high level of precision, and this is what made it different. In the recent past the Vizakites have witnessed Hud Hud, but the same eyes have seen the talent Tsunami of Navajeevan children. After two hours full of enjoyment, celebration and learning to know each other better, everyone walked in the spirit of Don Bosco; which encouraged people to love children. The entire programme was minutely planned and marvelously executed with two good smart anchors, and the celebrations came to a glorious conclusion with friends of Navajeevan and children singing the Navajeevan Anthem. There is no lip that did not carry a good word about Don Bosco Navajeevan and the family gathering.