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Rising from the Ashes

Posted On : 23-12-2015

Life is a never ending journey, where some are fortunate enough to be cared for and treated as princes/princesses, while others finds it difficult to meet even their basic needs like, food, shelter,  clothing and the most primary, the need to love and to be loved . Many come into the world uninvited, live most of their life unwanted and breath their last abandoned.  In Don Bosco Navajeevan youngsters from such backgrounds are welcomed with open hearts and open arms, with the assurance that we are there for you.

When everything was looking promising and rosy at Navajeevan Devipuram, the deadly Cyclone Hud Hud in October 2014, struck with all its furry dashing all our hopes. It was a picture of devastation everywhere in Visakhapatnam, the worst in the history of the coastal district. After the calamity the district looked like a dressed chicken! At Navajeevan Devipuram too, the story was no different with hundreds of trees fallen, roofs lifted off, water tanks torn apart, electric poles raised to the ground and we were left hungry, thirsty, powerless, hapless, helpless and hopeless, believing that all the dreams that we had had come to a premature end…

But the Lord raises up the lowly from the ash heap… we prayed like never before and bounced back with renewed vigor and greater power of endurance. Today most of the things are back to normal. Cyclone managed to destroy our properties but not wean us of our passion for life and hope for the future. Having met death face to face, there cannot be anything that stops us now.

We in collaboration with our supporters and well wishers once again gave a new impetus to our involvement on behalf of the young at risk. In spite of limited facilities more children were admitted, unable to say no to young from pathetic situation.

For many years we functioned from a make-shift kitchen, which was also carried away by the mischievous cyclone. From that time we began to pray more earnestly for a hygienic place to cook and decent place to have our food without being subjected to the vagaries of nature.

Our dream came true, on Sunday, 20th December 2015 when Fr. Joseph Prabhakar, the Procurator: Archdiocese of Visakhapatnam blessed and inaugurated the New Dining and Kitchen complex.  This all became possible owing to the encouragement, good wishes and support of many friends and well-wishers like Archdiocese of Visakhapatnam under the paternal guidance of His Grace Most. Rev. Mallavarapu Prakash, the Salesian Province of Hyderabad under  the leadership of Rev. Fr. Raminedi Balaraju, the MMM Indian Province under the direction of Sr. Aniamma Joseph and the generous financial support of MANOS UNIDAS for construction  and ONE WOWRLD under the loving  guidance of Fr. Marius Kaiser for  Equipments.

A million thanks to all who have generously contributed their time, energy and resources  to the life and growth of Navajeevan–Devipuram, especially Frs. Maddhichetty Noel, Kondaveeti Rajanna, Thathireddy Vijay Bhaskar, N. Ratnakumar, Puthussery Sojan, P.C. Thomas, Bro. Vincent Castilino, P. Aruldas, Srs. Pennamma, Alice and Anusha, Suni and Staff  Ramana, Lakshmi, Suryakantham, Simhalachalam , Bangaraiah and many others.

A very special thanks to Engineer and Contractor Sri. M. Mallaiah,  overseer  Narasimha Rao, other supervisors, and so many hardworking and dedicated workers who toiled it out in the sun and the rain, in the day and the night to make  this dream of a better place to cook and eat our food a reality.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to place on record our heartfelt  thanks to Fr. Thomas Thottiyil SDB, who spear headed the project and worked tirelessly to make it a beautiful edifice.

This Building is a gift of Don Bosco to his children in the Bi-centenary year of his birth… May he continue to live in our hearts and thoughts forever!