Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan - Visakhapatnam

Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan - Visakhapatnam


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Posted On : 05-05-2016


The menacing sun of Coastal Andhra with its formidable and new strategies of  attack did not succeed in dampening the enthusiasm of Navajeevan  children and the staff from plunging headlong  into the 2016 - 4G summer camp with the thrust  Go, Grow, Glow & Glory. After a day of feverish manipulation the spherical fire  beat a quick retreat  in utter shame from  the determined faces of  130 youngsters, within the age group of seven  to seventeen, comprising of children of Navajeevan Allipuram  and Navajeevan Devipuram.

The name and activities of the camp may vary from  year to year , but the camp site always remains the same -  Bosco Illu Devipuram, situated earlier in a garden, second only to the garden of Eden before the choice of the ‘apple only diet’ of the misguided first humans! Now after the Hudhud cyclone it looks like a dressed chicken, with two or three feathers tenaciously holding on to prevent imminent fall.

The Inaugural program started with the youngsters divided into four groups standing in perfect symmetry, waiting for the Guests to arrive. Without losing much time Brother Ravi, the Camp Chief, invited and introduced Guests to the gathering. Fr. Thomas Thottiyil, Fr. Ratna, Sr. Anthonamma msi and other invited guests were received with bouquets . Fr. Thomas offered Floral Tribute to Don Bosco the Father and Friend of the young, who is the motivating force behind every constructive activity on behalf of the young at risk.

The occasion was additionally enriched with four groups in perfect harmony marching to the beat of drums and sound of trumpets. If defence officials were present on the occasion, they would have airlifted the children for a march past at the Red Fort without any further practice!  Fr. Thomas speaking on the occasion requested the participants to gain maximum from the camp and to make the camp a memorable event by enhancing their stature in every way. Sr. Anthonamma, the Principal of St. Antony’s School Maharanipeta, addressing the children said that they are as good or even better than the children of prestigious schools and organizations. If they keep up this momentum they can easily climb the ladder of success and become a blessing to the Society. She was lavish in her praise of the Salesians, volunteers and staff of Navajeevan, who organized the day with perfection even in the minute details.

The Camp Torch lit by Fr. Thomas made a round of the camping arena, which will witness a variety of fun and thrill  filled activities for more than two weeks.

After a brief and enchanting  cultural program of instrumental and vocal music and stunning dances, the taking of oath and singing of Navajeevan Anthem, the opening ceremony came to a close with Fr. Thomas declaring the camp offcicially opened.

Fr. Ratna with the help of Brothers Ravi and Aditya, Srs. Pennamma Joseph, Alice Joseph, Ausha Mekala and Suni Victor and Volunteers David, Jakob and Kevin and Wardens Simhachalam,  Bangarayya and Dilip and other Navajeevan Staff made sure that the Opening Ceremony was something difficult to erase from memory for a long time to come.

The results expected at  the winding up of the camp are : thinner but stronger physique, expanded brain, tanned skin, less words with more wisdom, increased number of  flying stumps and balls, cutting in the first line, spinning goals at stunning speed, lesser time in hunting the treasure, more rooted life with frontiers expanding, etc. In short the ultimate aim is moulding of good citizens and  God-centred individuals who are able to see in the neighbour a brother or a sister beyond the barriers of caste, colour, creed and wealth.