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Inauguration of Migrant Desk " SURAKSHA" on 11th January 2019 at Don Bosco Navajeevan Vizag

Posted On : 25-01-2019

Report of Inauguration of Migrant Desk

Don Bosco Navajeevan “SURAKSHA”

“Migration is an expression of the human aspiration for dignity, safety and better future. It is part of the social fabric, part of our every make- up as a human family”. Ban ki Moon

Yet another mile stone was laid in the history of Vizag Navajeevan on 11/ 01/2019, as we inaugurated the Migrant Desk, Don Bosco Navajeevan Suraksha. A program for protection, Health, rehabilitation and creating friendly atmosphere. The Suraksha was inaugurated by Fr. Neelam Ratna Kumar, Director Vizag Navajeevan, Fr. Thomas Aquinas, Joint Secretary Don Bosco National Forum for Young at Risk, Mr. Jaya Raju Migrant desk in charge and Mr. Naresh CCI president in the presence of all the Child Care institutes. On the occasion Mr. Jaya Raju spoke about Suraksha and its functions. By inaugurating the Migrant Desk, we intend to reach out to the migrants in and around Vizag city. Specially to the Young at Risk, to reduce the child labor, to create awareness on the rights of every individual, educate the children specially that of from the slums of Vizag city who are migrated for a better living to the city from different parts of Andhra Pradesh.  Don Bosco Nava Jeevan feels it’s the need of the hour to improve basic standard of living of the migrants.. We hope this will help us to reach out to many migrants who are in need of our help and support.

Rights and Dignity for every Migrant in India.

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