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Report of the feast of Don Bosco, Bosco Illu Sabbavaram

Posted On : 12-02-2019

“It is enough that you are to be young for me to love you very much”  -Don Bosco.

On 10th February 2019, we celebrated the Family day and Parents meeting at Bosco Illu, Sabbavaram. Don Bosco, friend of Youth was celebrated grandly in the presence of students of our institutions, parents, friends, well-wishers and staff. At 10 am we had the holy Eucharistic celebration at our prayer room along with many fathers and sisters from different communities. Fr. Peter Simhadri, Arch Bishop’s Secretary was the main celebrant of the day. In his message he said that every one of us are called to be faithful to the call of Jesus. As St. Peter said “at your word Lord we cast our net” must be our attitude. He also appreciated all the services rendered by the Salesians for the growth of children and youth. Fr. Thankachan SDB narrated the life of St. Don Bosco and wished every one, the greetings of the day. After the Solemn celebration of the Mass all the invitees were requested to go to the main gate where children were ready with Don Bosco band. They gave a grand welcome to the guest. The program began with a prayer dance asking the intercession of St. Don Bosco. Fr. Neelam Ratnakumar SDB, the Director of Vizag Navajeevan welcomed the gathering. He said that “by seeing all of you we are sad because you are here only for a short while; when you go away, we are happy, we are happy because you are going to come back again’. And he also thanked every one for their presence there. Sr. Anthonila SDS, Regional Superior of Salvatorian Sisters was the chief guest for the program. She addressed the gathering and wished happy feast to all and wished children to use all the golden opportunities that are given them and soar high. There were many cultural events by children which made the day remarkable one. During the program DB Tech out going batch were given their course certificate by Director Fr. Ratna. There was also a presentation on Navajeevan Bala Bhavan Society, which creatively and beautifully described the activities of Navajeevan. At the end of the program Fr. PK Jose SDB, the Assistant Director, thanked the gathering for their presence which really made the day a memorable one. After the program every one enjoyed the delicious meal. After the lunch there was parents meeting. Many parents attended the meeting. The day inspired every one who was present there. May the life of St. Don Bosco continue to inspire our choices.


“By Means of Affection gain the Heart of Youth”.

Thank you……