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Report on the work done by Navajeevan on Migrant families

Posted On : 03-07-2020

Brief report on the work done by Navajeevan on migrant families

“Migration is an expression of the human aspiration for dignity, safety and better future. It is part of the social fabric, part of our every make- up as a human family”. Banki Moon

In the year 2016 Don Bosco Navajeevan started working with the Migrant families living under Kancherapalam Bridge.  Navajeevan identified 120 migrant families living near the railway crossing road under bridge who migrated about 25 years back and settled down in the area by setting up the small huts.      These families belonged to scheduled caste and they were depending on the livelihood activities like preparing beads wreaths, copper caddies, and selling of phenayil, acid, and also buying and selling hair for the preparation of the   wig.  The parents were busy in production and selling the above mentioned items and they never bothered about the education and well being of the children.    They were not recognized by the government and they were not eligible for the government schemes and programs as they did not have the Adhar card, ration card and voter card.    The children were deprived of their right to education in the first place and other rights in the secondary.    The classes were conducted from 9 a.m to 4 p.m.  

There are about 275 families in Thatichetlapalem slum. Many of the people live by begging and others with some menial works. And the most affected victims of the poverty and insecurities are the children. It is to this reality of life the Vizag Navajeevan stepped in to the life of children with aim to change their lives to better.   The parents were busy in their profession and they never bothered about the education and well being of the children.    These families deprived of their life documents like Adhar card, ration card; voter card etc. and they were not treated like locals by the government departments.    The children were particularly roaming on the streets and playing games and spending their time without going to schools.   The right to education was not ensured to these children and there was nobody to teach them about the importance of education.   The children were not having any birth certificates, Adhar card and other entitlements. 

In the month of November 2018 some of the families from Thatichetlapalem shifted to Lorrypet in Gnanapuram.     Then Navajeevan, Visakhapatnam staff started a school for 45 migrant children in Lorrypet and started teaching alphabets, rhymes and other moral education to the children.   Later on the school program is named as SURAKSHA and shifted to Navajeevan, Shelter the classes are conducted from 9 a.m to 4 p.m in the Navajeevan centre, and classes were conducted by teacher appointed by Navajeevan. Due to Corona Pendimic the classes were suspended for two months in the shelter for these children.   Again from June onwards the classes are started for the children in Lorrypet slum area and Navajeevan staff are conducting the classes and games to these children in a hut.

On 11th, January 2019 Don Bosco Navajeevan inaugurated Migrant Desk/ Suraksha program for protection, Health, rehabilitation and creating friendly atmosphere among the migrant workers .   The Navajeevan in collaboration with the child care institutions in Visakhapatnam city started the migration desk to help the migrant workers in Visakhapatnam city slums. 



The Activities implemented by Navajeevan, Visakhapatnam:

  • House visits to identify the children who are not going to school
  • Motivational meetings with the migrant parents on the importance of education
  • Appointment of teachers for conducting the classes
  • Non-formal classes are conducted for the children
  • Daily meals and snacks are provided to the children
  • Educational material like books and slates, toys are made available to the children
  • Uniforms are given to the children
  • Mid-day meals is provided to the children
  • Motivational meetings to the parents on government schemes, loans
  • Awareness classes for the children and parents on the procedure of applying for the life
  • documents
  • Health camps in Kancherapalam and Thatichetlapalem
  • Awareness meetings on life skills to the young girls in the community
  • Awareness meetings on Covid-19 precautions to the parents and children

 Impact created by Navajeevan, Visakhapatnam:

  • The parents realized the importance of education and started sending the children to the classes
  • The children learned the discipline, personal hygiene and wearing neat clothes
  • 10 children are mainstreamed in to the government and missionary schools
  • Child marriages are stopped among these communities with the awareness given to them
  • 78 children and adults applied for the Adhar card and obtained the same from the concerned department
  • The parents learnt the importance of house cleanliness and practicing the habits of personal hygiene

Distribution of provision kits, cooked food and snacks to migrant families and children:

Due to Covid-19 Pendimic the children and migrant workers in Kancherapalam, Thatichetlapalem and Lorrypet slum area migrant workers are starved as there was no chance of going out and selling their manufactured products and also dearth of savings.  Therefore, Navajeevan, Visakhapatnam provided dry-food provision kits, cooked food, fruits and snacks to 250 migrant families and 150 migrant children in Kancherapalam, Thatichetlapalem and Lorrypet

We also provided cooked food to 150 migrant workers who were victims of lock down and going back to their native places in Orissa via Visakhapatnam.