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A report on the summer camp organised from 2nd May to 30th May 2022

Posted On : 13-06-2022

The summer camp was started on 2nd, May with inauguration program in all the 4 outreach centres of Navajeevan, Visakhapatnam. The main aim of summer camp was to bring out the talents and promote the socialization process among the children in 4 outreach slums in Visakhapatnam. Total 240 children from 4 outreach centres like Jalaripeta, Velampeta, Lorrypeta and Kancharapalem slums participated in the summer camp.

Activities conducted during the summer camp:

Spoken English classes: 5 days spoken English classes were conducted by Don Bosco Brothers Rahul and Kiran. They trained the children talking in English using the common English words used in their daily life like daily used sentences, words and greeting people, Conversation with self introduction, Common English sentences, Verbs etc. Singing classes: Five days singing classes were conducted by Mr. Rambabu, the Navajeevan staff and he taught the children the motivational songs, children songs, child rights songs, animation songs, etc.

Dance classes: 4 days dance classes were conducted by Don Bosco Brothers Rahul and Kiran. They trained the children in the dance styles like Hip hop, mass dance, and folk dance to the children in all the 4 outreach centre children. Action songs like Rum sum, sum, Bhoom Bhoom dance, Chittibabu mukkumeeda ega valenu, as we walk, Penguin dance, put your right hand in put your right hand out, choco choco were practiced by the children.

Drawing classes: 5 days drawing classes were conducted by Mr. Rambabu the Don Bosco Staff to all the children in 4 outreach centres. He taught the children the basics of drawing and drawing pictures on their own.

Yoga classes: 5 days coaching was given to the children in yoga classes and which were demonstrated by Mr. Mahesh, the Navajeevan boy. He taught the children the basics of yoga and different types of yogasana like padmasana, Vajrasana, Dandasana, Bhujasana, Padhasana etc.

Outings: 4 outings were organised for the children from the 4 outreach centres clubbing Bridge school children and tuitition centres children together. The children were taken to the tourist places like Visakhapatnam Urban development Authority Park, Kailasagiri, Shivaji Park and R.K beach.

Community Awareness camps: Awareness campaigns were organised in all the 4 outreach centres with the help of the children. The participated in the awareness camps and enacted the dances and skits on Environmental sanitation, child marriages, child labour, superstitions and Right to education.

Film shows and motivational videos: The film shows and motivational videos were played in the respective centres to create interest and motivation among the children. The movies like Lakshmi , Abdul Kalam and motivational videos on Drinking, drug abuse, Importance of education, Emotional touch with parents, Language importance, how to respect elders etc.

Games: The children were given opportunity to play the games like Fire on the mountain, Running race, musical chair, Bomb in the city, Dog and bone, Circle ball, balloon game, Rain game etc. These games were very much liked and enjoyed by the children.

Results achieved:  

  • 240 children participated in summer camp and improved their talent in singing and dancing, 
  • 140 children participated in summer camp learnt the basics in the art of drawing
  •  240 children participated in summer camp got the skills in yoga exercises
  •  Leadership qualities are developed among the children by giving an opportunity to lead the group
  •  The competitive spirit is developed among the children as they participated in the various competitions during the summer camp.
  • 750 slum people from 4 outreach centres got the awareness on child marriages, right to education, sanitation
  • The friendly behaviour is promoted among the children as they came to know each other more Summer camp Concluding Ceremony The summer camp concluding ceremony was organised on 31st , May 2022, in St. Mary’s B.Ed college auditorium. Total 250 children from 4 outreach centres participated in the program and enjoyed the day. The program started at 8.30 a.m with the games and sports competions conducted for the children. The closing ceremony begun at 12.30 p.m and Mr. Kesala Apparao, the chair person, Andhra Pradesh state Child protection Committee was the chief guest of the program. The other guests Mrs. Fatima Rani, the Co-option member, GVMC, Mrs. Mary madam, Well wisher, Mr. Rajula Naidu, Circle inspector, Kancharapalem, Sai Kishore, Sub-inspector, Kancharapalem participated in the program, Mr. Hari, the president, Visakha Forum for child rights. The program started with lighting of the lamp by the guests and followed by welcome dance with the children from Beach blossom, Jalaripeta. Fr. Balashowry, the director, gave the introductory words and explained the purpose of organising 29 days long summer camp for the vulnerable children from the 4 outreach centres. Followed by this beach blossom bridge school children performed a skit on child marriages and it, s consequences. After that, the guests gave the message to the children highlighting the importance of education and how the education helps them to develop in their life. They also appreciated Navajeevan for summer camp which promoted the discipline and talents among the children without wasting their time in the summer holidays. A poster was released by the guests with the theme “You are the change in the society” The voices of the vulnerable children from Vizag. After that, the dance competitions and singing competitions were conducted among the children from 4 centres and the prizes were given away by the guests to the winners. The first best centre and best teacher prizes were given to the Beach blossom bridge school and the second prize was given to tuition centre, Kancharapalem. At the end the vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Kumar to all the guests and all the people who helped in the successful completion of the summer camp. After the programme the children enjoyed the delicious lunch sponsored by Mantris Hotel, Visakhapatnam