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A Report on The DB4MIGRANTS Network Meeting Date: 25th, July 2022 Venue: Don Bosco Navajeevan Office, Allipuram, Visakhapatnam

Posted On : 28-07-2022

DB4migrants Network meeting was organized by Suraksha Migrants’ Desk of Navajeevan, Visakhapatnam on 25th, July 2022 with 15 NGO, representatives from Visakhapatnam district. The meeting was commenced in Don Bosco Navajeevan office with the introduction and welcome by Fr. Balashowry, the Director, Don Bosco Navajeevan. He shared the following points with the participants… 

  •  The migration in unorganized sector is the root cause of many social problems in the society.
  • The more visibility came to the unorganized migrant workers during the Corona pandemic situation as they faced many problems and challenges.
  • The dignity, protection and welfare of the migrants is very much neglected by the society and government.
  • The migrants are treated as non-locals and they are deprived of the entitlements and government schemes in the place where they are working.
  • Suraksha Migrants’ Desk of Navajeevan identified migrant workers and creating awareness among the migrant workers about their rights, life documents, State and central government programs in the hotspot areas of Visakhapatnam.
  • A NGO, s Network is strength and needed to collectively address the issues and problems of the migrants.

Later, Visakha Suraksha Migrants’ Desk made a presentation and explained the activities and results achieved by Visakha Suraksha Migrants’ Desk during this year. After that the NGO representatives shared about their work experience and views on working with Migrant workers...

  • Migration in unorganized sector is not safe and the workers are very much exploited by the contractors, middlemen and employer. 
  • The government enacted an Interstate migrants’ Act 1979 to regulate the employment by providing the conditions of service. 
  • Due to poor implementation of government Act and Schemes migrants are deprived of the benefits what they are supposed to enjoy. 
  • Migration is the root cause of all the social problems in the society and the migrants in unorganized sector are exposed to the basic needs of food, shelter and employment.
  • The migration is intensifying the problems like prostitution, drug abuse, molestation, crime among young migrant workers. Advocacy and lobbying is very important for addressing the issues and problems of the migrant workers.
  • Network is very important for the migrants in distress situation as they need the external support for settlement of their disputes and issues with employers, contractors etc. 
  • There is need to promote migrants network with migrant leaders to act on their issues and problems collectively.

The way forward:-

  • Organizing a meeting with the local NGO, s working in Visakhapatnam to create awareness about the Migrants’ and their issues and problems.
  • Submitting the memorandum to government officials with the existing migrants’ data and also the problems and issues faced by them.
  • Mapping of the hotspots and collecting the data about the migrant workers in Visakhapatnam with the help of the NGO, s working in the respective areas.