Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan - Visakhapatnam

Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan - Visakhapatnam



You can join our mission to bring smiles in the lives of those children who are in need of care and protection through many ways. Your encouragement and support will go a long way to contribute to the various activities we are involved in. Please feel free to contact us to join our efforts. Following are some ways you can participate in this noble cause.
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You can sponsor an individual child for his educational and maintenance expenses. The profiles of the boys are listed. To maintain anonymity names have been changed. If you would like to sponsor any of these children it is enough to mention the serial number in this page via mail. As soon as we receive your mail we will get back to you give you further details about sponsorship.

Education is the most importance aspect in the holistic growth of a child. When you educate a child you are educating a family. You can sponsor for the education of the Children through varied ways. You can pay the fees, buy uniform, purchase stationery for the boys, provide School Bags and make a contribution.

One of the major expenses for us is providing nutritious meal, decent cloths and quality toilet articles. You can sponsor for any of these things either by cash or kind.

A child’s growth not only depends on food and shelter but also in making him feel that he is wanted and he is loved. Most of our children have been psychologically affected in their childhood days. They feel that they are unwanted and there is no one to call them their own. You can bring smiles in their faces by becoming a psychological parent. You can adopt a child and give him all the love that is needed. Every now and then you can visit the child at the centre, provide for his needs, take him home for holidays and make him feel that there is family which loves him and takes care of him.

Every one’s happiness is doubled when they share the joy with others and more so when you share your joys with those who need most. When your birthday or wedding anniversary arrives you can celebrate it with our boys. You can come with your family and celebrate your day meaningfully and joyfully. Our boys will surely will add colour to your celebration and make you feel satisfied and happy.

There is no greater joy than satisfying one’s hunger. There will be lot of celebrations happening at your home, Birthdays, Wedding, Death Anniversary, feast days, etc. You can add our boys in the list of guests for whom you are going to cook. You can inform us earlier and provide food for our boys on your special day.

When you run a shelter there are so many things that you need to do to concentrate like maintaining the building, providing clean drinking water, providing electricity, keeping the place neat and tidy, proper vessels and materials, providing things for the entertainment of boys, etc. You can sponsor any materials which will be of use for the boys and for the shelter maintenance.

There are so many trainings and events conducted for the shelter boys and for the slum children like Children’s day, Cultural Training, Orientation Seminars, Children Parliament trainings, etc. You can sponsor any of the events that is conducted for the children of our locality.

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